My Bio

I have been crocheting for many, many moons now! I also do bead work, embroidery, and am a seamstress. I am currently making crocheted pokemon dolls, I don't have an excuse! lol

I have recently started wrighting my own patterns, and sell the finished dolls in my Etsy store found here...  I have not started selling the actual patterns yet, but it is on my to do list! lol

I have a wonderful husband, who tries very hard not to roll his eyes every time I want yarn, or a pattern. I also have three kids, a 15 yr old boy, a 13 yr old girl, asnd a 10 yr old boy. They are wonderful at challenging me to make things that aren't "dorky"! lol

I also have a siberian husky, and my husband has a mini doxy.It is rather amusing watching us walking them together, my husband is 5'11" while I am 5'4", so it looks topsy turvy!