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I learned crochet when I was a young girl. (many years ago) Actually just watching my mom. Althoough I learned more from grandmom as she taught me the basics of crochet and embroiderey. I did try to learn how to knit with a friend who was left handed and that was bad. One day I found an encyclopedia that had the stiches with pictures, etc in it and I took out my needles. I already had the idea of how, so the book put everything in order for me and findly just got it!!

When I first started I would copy from already made projects then I learned to follow patterns a whole new world opened up for me. I made baby blankets, botties, sweaters that was what I had time for. Well, raising kids, work, and life just got in my way.

I lke to knit scarfs as they give me the opportunity to practice new patterns. I have made several throwblankets once I am comfortable with the pattern. Most of the time I really do crochet. Each one of my grandchildren and children have a blanket made by me plus scarfs...many scarfs.