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I love all things nature, seeing, smelling, feeling, wearing, photographing, recreating, and just ‘being’ in nature. A lot of my crocheted projects reflect my love of nature with use of flowers or animals, and also my quirkiness in the fact that I love to make ‘bazaar’ and off the wall items for my wearing pleasure. I wish that my circle of friends and family included more weirdos like me, but for now, I remain the only one appreciative of the yarnically silly arts…

I love making up my own patterns, which is something that took me by surprise. When I first started crocheting, I never thought I could make something without a pattern. I get a great thrill out of seeing someone else make something that I designed, which is why I do like to throw some free patterns out there. When I blog my free patterns, they aren’t usually tested, they are usually very ‘skeletal’ and mainly just for fun. Feel free to test them out and report back to me with any issues, I’ll be happy to tweak them.

Until now, I have been very shy adding people to my friends’ list, worried I’d look like a stalker. I’m giving you this disclaimer now: If I randomly friended you-take it as a compliment, it means I’ve seen your projects (like a total stalker) and think you do amazing work and/or chose projects that intrigue me. I am not easily impressed, so insert applause and a back pat here.

How did I get my ridiculous username? Easy, my son always liked dragons and my daughter has always loved birds…so much so, in fact, that when we were at a park once and she was three a woman came up to me and said, ” I met your daughter, Bird.” HUH?? Yup. My kid told people her name was Bird. She denies this though, but I know better.  Find me on Ravelry! :) Same name.