5 thoughts on “Tunisian Double-ended Crochet in the Round

  1. Thanks for posting this video. I will refer folks to it when they are learning to do the Tunisian Moebius I developed in 2010 (free pattern in Ravelry called Mephitis Cast On by Lifecare).

    I am also designing a felted bag using Tunisian in the round with one HUGE difference- if you use certain stitches, you can actually REMOVE the second color which is used for chaining off the stitches. You will be amazed at the results, because the work does not unravel and looks nothing like crochet.

    I was excited to discover this option, and it clearly shows why Tunisian Crochet is so closely related to KNITTING. Try it and be amazed!

  2. You know I watch many videos on you tube and one here and I can honestly say that the quality of this video just isn’t there.  First, she goes so fast that you can’t keep up.  Second, she doesn’t get close enough for us to see what’s she’s doing.  If you guys wanna see really good crocheting, go onto You tube and search Mikey at crochet crowd or bethintx1.  They do exceptional videos!!!  

  3. Finally! Someone who clearly shows how to cast off tunisian crochet in the round.  Thank you so much for this tutorial.  

    I read some of the comments from others who viewed this video and I must say some are not fair.  In order to venture into a Tunisian crochet project you need to know how to crochet intermidiate.  If you already have knowledge of different crochet stitches then you would not have any problem understanding the video.  

    The video is free and no one is obligated to view it.  Also, to make reference of someone else’s video and website is very distateful and very unpolite.  It is impossible to please everyone.  Nevertheless, I was very pleased and found the video very informative.

    Thanks again.