Learn to Crochet: Instructions on How to Crochet and 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

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Have you ever wondered how to crochet, but never knew where to start? Are you looking for lessons on crochet for beginners or for ways to brush up on the basics? Maybe you have recently started to learn to crochet and are in need of free crochet patterns for beginners. Well you've come to the right place! Crochet Me's free eBook is entirely dedicated to teaching you all the basics you'll need to get started crocheting, and get you going on your very first pattern.

With so many sites and resources to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start when you're just learning to crochet. That's why we put together this free resource, proving you with the foundation you need to crochet for years to come. Imagine all the possibilities you will have uncovered! You can be creating your own garments, accessories, blankets, gifts, and more in no time with the crocheting instructions in this easy-to-follow eBook. Start by learning how to make a slip knot, then how to create your foundation chain. From there, learn how to create a single crochet, and you will be ready to start your first project. Now it is easier than ever to create fun and functional crocheted pieces. Download your free crochet instructions today!

Instructions on How to Crochet and 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Learn to crochet with these 5 free beginner crochet patterns.

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A solid understanding of basic crochet is the building block of learning to crochet. Whether you have been crocheting for twenty years or twenty minutes, it is this foundation of basic stitches that allows you to learn new techniques and tackle all those wonderful crochet patterns. You'll get all this and more, when you download your copy of this crochet for beginners eBook.

Plus, along with your free instructions and patterns, you'll also receive a free membership to our Crochet Me community. This membership provides you with access to our free projects library, blogs, and newsletter; plus you'll gain the help and support of thousands of crocheters of all abilities to help you learn and grow. What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to get started.


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Learn to Crochet: Instructions on How to Crochet
and 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

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Crochet for beginners is easy thanks to the instructions and patterns in this eBook.

Beginner Crochet Pattern: 24K Hook Catcher

Pattern #1

24K Hook Catcher by Marcy Smith

Prompted by a Crochet Me forum conversation, this fun hook catcher was created to keep track of your hook when traveling. This beaded pattern includes instructions for 2 beaded lanyards and directions for bonus stitch markers.

Basic Crochet Scarf: Gilded Mesh Scarf

Pattern #2

Gilded Mesh Scarf by Mags Kandis

For a fun, year-round project, try this beautiful, simple scarf. Constructed entirely with treble crochet and chain stitches, this scarf adds a scalloped edge of beads to take its opulence one step further.

Learn to Crochet Gloves: Listening to Color Mitts

Pattern #3

Listening to Color Mitts by Kim Werker

Looking for a little color? Join Kim as she discusses color choice in this great beginner crochet pattern. This quick and simple crochet pattern is great to help you learn crochet, and enjoy the process. It will allow you to practice changing colors as you use various stitches to create the flared shaping.

Crochet Lessons for a Bag: Tapestry Crochet Bag

Pattern #4

Tapestry Crochet Bag by Pam Allen

A great alternative to the traditional beginner scarf, this bag will introduce you to tapestry crochet and crocheting instructions for working in the round. This little shoulder bag is worked as a tube, eliminating the need for seaming. A perfect beginning crochet project, this easy accessory would also make a terrific gift.

Beginning Crochet Scarf: Wool Bam Boo Scarf

Pattern #5

Wool Bam Boo Scarf by Judith L. Swatrz

This scarf will introduce you to a decrease stitches. The sea stitch pattern is easy to learn to crochet and memorize, even for the most beginner. This ruffled scarf is worked in two sections that are crocheted together before blocking.

Don't wait another minute, learn how to crochet today!

In this free eBook from Crochet Me you will find free crochet instructions and illustrations for all your basic stitches, including the chain, slip stitch, single crochet, and more. For beginning crochet enthusiasts, we have also included a comprehensive abbreviations list and tips on checking your gauge and substituting yarn.

You will also find information on efficiently changing colors or starting a new yarn at the beginning of a row or in the middle of a round. And when you have finished your project, check out our tips on the best methods of weaving in loose ends for a smooth, finished fabric. All this plus all five free patterns are only a click away! Simply enter your email address and get started.

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Get crochet instructions to make all sorts of patterns, including this scarf.

Learn to crochet free eBook

Crocheting is a lot easier than you think if you have a good foundation to build from. Start building your own crochet foundations today with free crochet lessons from the experts! Beginners will love the detailed guide and easy-to-follow crochet directions for each of the five free crochet patterns for beginners. Seasoned crocheters can benefit from revising basic crochet stitches and will appreciate the simplicity and uncomplicated nature of each of the beginning crochet designs. What are you waiting for? Download your free crochet instructions to learn everything you need to get started:

Learn to Crochet: Instructions on How to Crochet and 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

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